The main objective is to conduct research and development in any fields.

– To formulate plans, policies and programs for the overall research and development of the Country.

– To accelerate the socio-economic growth by research and development of the country.

– To provide guidelines, advice and suggestions to the sectored Ministries, Departments, other Agencies and Local Bodies in the field of research and development with the help of related academicians and intellectuals.

– To cooperate with communities, national and international organizations, Government line departments, Academia, UN agencies and local NGOs in the field of research and development.

– To conduct and participate in conference, meeting, discussion, interaction, training and national and international symposium

– To formulate, coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate policies, plans, strategies, programs and projects in research and development sector with a focus on achieving sustainable and broad based economic growth.

– To develop policy environment for contributing to scientific innovation, scientific research, scientific manpower development and retention and to foster traditional knowledge.

– To create policies, institutions, institutional capacity, resources and other procedures to promote scientific innovation among students, intellectuals, institutions and private sectors in the field of research and development.

– To publish the articles, bulletins, papers, scientific journals, research journals, research books in various subjects and areas.