About us

1.   Background

Research means the creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the knowledge of humans, culture and society, and the use of the knowledge to devise new applications. Development means the systematic use of scientific and technical knowledge to develop the concept, design, discovery or invention.

Research and development plays an integral role in the development of the nation. Research & Development Foundation (R&DF) is established in contributing to the national and international level through the means of research and development is the main engine of economic prosperity and social transformation of developed countries of the world.

2.   Introduction

Research & Development Foundation (R&DF) is an independent, non-profit organization, non-political and non-governmental social organization set up with the objective of promoting and enhancing the study of research and development in Nepal.

The organization is registered in the year 2017 to advance our land towards the prosperity and progress. R&DF shall be active for the all-round research and development and nation building process of Nepal. For the creation of a prosperous Nepal, R&DF believes in the power of research and development as key to economic development and growth.

The organization was established by young and energetic development professionals who believed in values of transparency, accountability and equality. R&DF will have partnerships with communities, International NGOs, Government line departments, Academia, UN agencies and local NGOs.

Known for bringing together intellectuals, academicians, professors, researcher, entrepreneurs, politicians, businessman, bureaucrats, experts, journalists and other groups and individuals to make an impact on the research and development discourse of Nepal.

3.   Objectives

The main objective is to conduct research and development in any fields.

– To formulate plans, policies and programs for the overall research and development of the Country.

– To accelerate the socio-economic research and development of the country.

– To provide guidelines, advice and suggestions to the sectoral Ministries, Departments,

other Agencies and Local Bodies in the field of research and development with the help of related academicians and


– To cooperate with communities, national and international organizations, Government line departments, Academia, UN

agencies and local NGOs in research and development.

– To conduct and participate in conference, meeting, discussion, interaction, training and national and international symposium

– To formulate, coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate policies, plans, strategies, programs and projects in research and

development sector with a focus on achieving sustainable and broad based economic growth.

– To develop policy environment for contributing to scientific innovation, scientific research, scientific manpower development

and retention and to foster traditional knowledge.

– To create policies, institutions, institutional capacity, resources and other procedures to promote scientific innovation among

students, intellectuals, institutions and private sectors in the field of research and development.

– To publish the articles, bulletins, papers, scientific journals, research journals, research books in various subjects and areas.

4.   Vision

Contributing to the national and international level through the means of research and development for economic prosperity and social transformation of the country.


5.   Mission

  • Acquire, preserve and spread knowledge through the formation of interdisciplinary research teams able to produce outstanding scientific and artistic achievements
  • Manage research and art projects; participate in international networks and center of excellence
  • Enable the active participation in R&D and artistic endeavors, contributing to the development of society
  • Address global challenges and encouraging economic development and sustainable development
  • Produce outstanding scientific achievements, thus ensuring greater visibility of R&DF both in national and international level